“Practising art, there has been nothing more exciting than coming to the realization that every moment spent performing the everyday is art in process”

Darren Andrew Savery is a researcher, writer and interdisciplinary maker, currently working toward the completion of their final semester of 4th year in the Critical and Cultural Studies degree program at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, located in the occupied and unceded Coast Salish territories (Vancouver, BC). By using themes derived from popular culture such the multifaceted nature of performative identity, the social and economic structures of power and contemporary communication through social media, Savery uses appropriated everyday objects re-contextualized through art often referencing to the written works of cultural and literary theorists.

With the use of appropriated quotidian material, Savery’s work conveys the omnipresence of capitalist production in mass culture, which is the undercurrent running through all streams of their practice. Savery’s work explores how everyday life extends beyond the limits of subjectivity, telling a story about the effects of global cultural interaction. Reoccurring themes in Savery’s practice are repetition, communication, and an investigation of the body as site of multifaceted performative identities. Savery challenges the binaries continually reconstructed between Self and Other, through distorting the expectations of ‘high’ culture through the Carnivalesque cannibalization of mass culture presented re-contextualized.